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Document Management System Upload Enhancements and Updates

October 20, 2011

As part of improving our service delivery, we continue to expand our Document Management System (DMS) so you can submit even more of your loan documents electronically. To make it easier to manage the number of documents submitted before and after securitization, we are pleased to offer you the new DMS Batch Upload feature. This enhancement allows you to upload zip files to multiple loan folders in one step. We believe Batch Upload will become a time-saver, especially for submitting the financial records required for assessment periods.

Batch Upload Capabilities

There is currently only one way to upload files to DMS, by going into each loan folder and into the upload screen where you can choose to browse, copy and past, or drag and drop your documents. With the addition of the Batch Upload feature, you now have a second option beginning today.

Batch Upload requires that you change the way you prepare your files for upload outside of DMS. However, the benefit is that you will be able to bulk upload multiple loan packages at the same time in a one-step process. You are eliminating two steps when you no longer have to rename your file inside DMS a second time and link each named file through the DMS drop down menu. Please note that titling is still required for most documents, no matter which upload process you choose.

The following highlights the new steps for preparing your files for Batch Upload:

  • The naming convention of each file, no matter if it is a PDF, Word, or Excel format, must exactly match the DMS Document Type name from the Master Document Mapping list.
  • All of your electronic files must be compiled into zip file(s) using the WinZip program.
  • The zip file name must match the nine-digit Freddie Mac Loan Folder Number for DMS to file your documents in the correct place.

Package Tracking

With Batch Upload, you will now be able to track and update the status of your loan package yourself. There are several ways in which you can track your package in DMS:

  • Package Name – The nine-digit Freddie Mac Loan Number
  • Import Source – Inbound eShip drop down menu
  • Date Created – Date or date range that you uploaded the loan package
  • Processed by User – Sort by your user name
  • Batch – The ID of the batch submitted
  • Destination Folder – The Freddie Mac Loan Folder Number
  • Status – The package status

The status of your package is another feature of Batch Upload that currently does not exist in DMS. You will be given one of the following status messages:

  • Delivered – A package has been submitted and all of your documents have been delivered to the loan folder. This status message means total success.
  • Incomplete Information – A package was submitted, but DMS can’t find a matching folder for delivery. You can view the package properties and download them to your computer for your own research.
  • Package Validation Error – A package was submitted and received by a destination folder, but can’t be processed. Usually, this means that you have incorrectly named a DMS Document Type.
  • Delivering: A package has been submitted and accepted.
  • Delivered with Errors – A package was submitted and accepted, but the documents could not be delivered to the loan folder. User permission is a common reason you may receive this status.
  • Received – A package was received, but DMS has a problem processing the package.

Batch Upload Training and Resources

To prepare you for this change in the way you zip and name files prior to uploading them in DMS, we have scheduled two training sessions and provided several tools to assist you.

For your convenience, training is being offered on the following dates. We hope that you can attend this 45-minute online session to learn more about DMS Batch Upload as well as a refresher on some procedures for using the system.

Registration Link
Thursday, October 27, 2011 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. ET Registration Link
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. ET Registration Link

We have also developed a Batch Upload Feature Job Aid, which provides important tips for prepping your documents. The DMS User Guide has also been updated to include detailed instructions. These documents are available on the Document Management System Resources webpage and will also be emailed to you prior to the training sessions.

If you have any questions about Batch Upload or DMS, please contact your internal DMS System Administrator directly.

New Document Type

In addition to the Batch Upload feature enhancement, we are also adding a new document type effective today. In the October Guide Bulletin, we announced the addition of Form 1120, Student Housing Questionnaire. Form 1120 must be submitted in the full underwriting package for Student Housing loans.

Below is the change for your reference.

Document Name
Grouping Name
Title to be Added by Seller
New document Student Housing Questionnaire – Form 1120 Seller Servicer Underwriting Deliveries N/A

Document Mapping Resources

To align with this change, we updated the Master Document Listing Mapping document in the Document Management System Resources section under Tools and Resources in MultiSuite®.

For general questions relating to Form 1120, Student Housing Questionnaire, please contact your Freddie Mac Multifamily representative. If you have any questions about the changes to the new DMS Document Type, please contact your internal DMS System Administrator directly.

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