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Freddie Mac Adjusting Delivery Process, Timing to Meet Year-End Volume

October 24, 2011

Freddie Mac is adjusting its delivery process and timing in preparation for the increased year-end volume and to ensure that we are able to process and fund your year-end deliveries in a timely manner.

We are asking that you now include the Seller’s Title Insurance Certification for all Final Delivery Packages due November 1 or later. The Seller's Title Insurance Certification is a form document typically required only for Expedited Delivery.  Its inclusion with upcoming Final Delivery Packages during this busy time will provide us with the flexibility to perform an expedited review over the delivery.

We are also asking that you please submit Final Delivery Packages according to the following deadlines to ensure optimal timing of delivery:

  • Tuesday, 12/13/11 - Deadline for Standard Delivery
  • Tuesday, 12/13/11 - Deadline for Pools of Loans*
  • Tuesday, 12/20/11 - Deadline for Expedited (funding in 4-5 days)**
  • Tuesday, 12/20/11 - Deadline for Super Expedited Delivery (funding in 0-3 days)**
For more information contact Beverly Muse (703) 714-3033, Mike Kenney (703) 714-2847 or Heidi Rua (703) 714-2726.

* Please contact Purchase prior to delivering pools of loans.
** Due to year-end volume, please provide Purchase with a 4-day notice prior to delivery.

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