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New Document Management System Mapping Checklists Now Available

December 20, 2011

This year we focused on improving our technology and making our processes more efficient, improving our service delivery to you. In support of a consolidated underwriting checklist (Section 1.1 Conventional Checklist), we introduced six new document types for the Document Management System (DMS) on December 1, 2011.

Action Document Name Grouping Name Title to be Added by Seller
New Document Organization Chart – SPE Equity Owner Seller/Servicer Underwriting Deliveries N/A
New Document Organization Chart – Borrower Principals Seller/Servicer Underwriting Deliveries N/A
New Document Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) Allocation and Certification Documentation Seller/Servicer Underwriting Deliveries N/A
New Document Ownership Interest Disclosure Seller/Servicer Underwriting Deliveries N/A
New Document Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract Seller/Servicer Underwriting Deliveries N/A
New Document Conventional Checklist Seller/Servicer Underwriting Deliveries N/A

Document Mapping Resources

To align with the changes, we updated the Master Document Listing Mapping document and reorganized the Document Management System Resources section under Tools and Resources in MultiSuite®.

To further assist you with the December 1 checklist requirements, we updated the entire list of DMS Mapping Checklists and replaced the outdated checklists with the Consolidated Underwriting Checklist Mapping. The DMS Mapping Checklists are available for cross-referencing the DMS document name to the corresponding name on the underwriting checklist, final delivery table of contents, or list of post-closing documents. The DMS Underwriting Checklist Mapping should be used for with all underwriting checklists and includes the six new document types introduced on December 1, 2011.

You will also find the following changes on the DMS Resources webpage:

  • Eliminated the "Underwriting package NOT uploaded in DMS" Mapping Checklist since all underwriting packages are uploaded in DMS.
  • Moved the Post-Closing Transactions Document Type Guide to the new list of DMS mapping documents since it’s the DMS Mapping Document for all post-closing transactions.

If you have any questions about these DMS changes, please contact your Freddie Mac regional underwriter.

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