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Staff and Process Changes to Our Late/Delinquent Reporting Process

December 30, 2011

As a part of our transition to a centralized Asset Management & Operations structure for Multifamily, we're making changes to our staff responsibilities and your reporting processes for late/delinquent loans.

Multifamily Loan Accounting Team to Manage Late/Delinquent Loan Reporting Processes

Effective immediately, the Multifamily Loan Accounting team will now have responsibility and serve as your point of contact for the reporting processes for all late/delinquent loans, which consists of:

  • End of Cycle (EOC) reporting (Loan-Level Reporting via MultiSuite for Investor Reporting)
  • End of Month (EOM) reporting (Delinquent Reporting via MultiSuite for Investor Reporting)

This change transitions the late/delinquent loan reporting process from the Asset Resolution team in order to centralize all loan reporting functions in the Loan Accounting team.

Related Process Changes for the Late/Delinquent Reporting Process

  • For the EOC Due Date of Last Paid Installment, (DDLPI) Reporting, a Multifamily Loan Accounting representative will contact Servicers and confirm certain "late/delinquent" data fields one business day after the Loan-Level Reporting has been submitted and processed
  • This information may include the current loan status, DDLPI and mortgage payment received date
  • Please note that the same reporting deadlines apply as outlined in the Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide section 44.1(b).1. If you discover an error and require your delinquency reporting transaction to be unlocked, please contact your Loan Accounting representative.

We request you submit the contact name, email address and phone number of the individual(s) responsible for the EOC DDLPI and EOM delinquency reporting process to the mailbox using the subject line: "EOC/EOM Reporting contacts" by 01/12/2012.

If you have questions about the EOC/EOM DDLPI reporting process, please contact your Freddie Mac Multifamily Loan Accounting representative.

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