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Tracking and Monitoring K-Deal Performance in the New Multifamily Securities Database

March 15, 2012

In January, we launched a new online tool, Multifamily Securities Investor Access that provides investors and analysts with information related to our K-Deal mortgage-backed securities. This central database includes key post-securitization information from the Investor Reporting Packages provided on a monthly basis by the master servicer and trustee for a given security issuance.

As more investors and analysts become interested in our securities, the Multifamily Securities Investor Access tool is an efficient online source for providing the information needed to make informed investment decisions. Users of the tool can perform credit analysis and monitor the performance of these investments with the following features:

  • Access K-Deal documents such as offering circular supplements and related exhibits
  • Download and analyze deal and loan level data
  • View and download standard reports
  • Create custom reports

The tool is free to anyone who completes a simple online registration form that includes name, phone number, email address and company name. We are making our securities information more available to provide additional transparency and enhance the value placed on K-Deal securitizations. Previously, investors and analysts could only find this same information on fee-based subscription services or directly from the trustees and master servicers.

Freddie Mac has demonstrated that we are a consistent and reliable multifamily securities issuer and have some of the industry’s best performing CMBS. The company currently issues about $1 billion in K Certificates each month. This activity translates into competitive mortgage pricing for you and your borrower.

If you are interested in learning more about the tool, you can view the recorded training.

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