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Property Reporting System Now Available

April 2, 2012

The Property Reporting System (PRS) is now available for login on the Asset Management page on All PRS resources, including the forms, are available in the PRS section of the Asset Management Resources page.

MultiSuite for Assessments Now Known as GLI

You will notice that the name of the application to access MultiSuite for Assessments has changed to GLI. As a reminder, you should not submit any assessments for 2012 in the MultiSuite for Assessments/GLI application. We will retire the MultiSuite for Assessments/GLI application later in 2012.

PRS User Credentials

  • Check your email from, which provides you with your PRS user ID and temporary password.
  • Use your same User ID that you use to access MultiSuite for Assessments/GLI for your use in PRS. However, since PRS is a separate system, the first time you use PRS you will need to reset the temporary password that you receive in the email.
  • Create a PRS password identical to your MultiSuite for Assessments/GLI password and simplify your credentials. You will be required to reset your password every 90 days in PRS.

Portfolio Access in PRS

Your System Administrator has created access to all your portfolios (if applicable), consolidating your access into one ID. Please check your email from your System Administrator to obtain your access information. If you determine that you need to add access to any additional portfolios to your new ID, please contact your System Administrator. Your System Administrator can modify your access to add or remove portfolios to your ID as part of your PRS access rights.

Support Using PRS

  • If you have any issues with your PRS password or your User ID, contact your System Administrator for assistance.
  • Please email all business questions related to the new forms for PRS to the Asset Performance mailbox 
  • If you experience any issues with using the application, please contact our customer support at:

    800 FREDDIE [800-373-3343]

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