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Borrower Consent Request Process Change Effective Today With Launch of CRT

November 1, 2012

We’re continuing our focus on establishing uniform servicing standards for all Freddie Mac loans with today’s launch of the new web-based application, Consent Request Tracker (CRT). Primary, Master and Special Servicers are all now required to use CRT to track and monitor the status of consent requests from borrowers for all Portfolio execution and Capital Markets ExecutionSM (CME) loans, both before and after securitization.

This new tool provides all Servicers with one shared platform to enter general transaction information, comments and date milestones relating to all loans.

Initiating CRT Registration and Access

Borrower consent requests received by Primary Servicers on or after November 1, 2012, must be entered in CRT. All CRT users must take action to initiate the registration process in the following way:

  • Click the CRT icon on the Asset Management page on
  • Click the Register button to access the Account Registration screen
  • Complete all information on the Account Registration screen
  • Enter a User Name with at least 6 characters (review the CRT tutorial for detailed instructions on creating a User Name)
  • Enter your first and last name and work email address
  • Select your organization from the drop-down list
  • Select the role of “User” from the drop-down list (“Admin” is for Servicer and Freddie Mac system administrators only)
  • Check "I Agree" to agree to terms of use

Your designated Freddie Mac System Administrator will receive an email request to approve or reject your registration request. After your designated system administrator approves your registration, you will receive a verification email with a link to activate your account.

CRT User Reminders

The CRT provides an information-sharing platform across all Servicers and Freddie Mac that will help ensure that borrowers have a consistent experience throughout the life of their loans.

  • Primary, Master, and Special Servicers and Freddie Mac enter borrower consent request data based on their role in the transaction.
  • All Servicers can view data on transactions to which they are a party.
  • Servicers are prohibited from editing another Servicer’s data with respect to the transaction, except in limited cases.
  • Freddie Mac can view all data entered on all transactions.

Please note that currently CRT does not automatically generate emails between Servicers and to Freddie Mac after the entry of specified dates and statuses. You must continue to use your current package submission and notification channels. It is critical for Servicers and Freddie Mac to update request statuses and dates on a real time basis.

Consent Request Process Flow – CME Securitized Loan
Freddie Mac has not changed our process for working with you on Borrower Consent Requests due to the implementation of CRT.  The primary activities in CRT are creating, saving and modifying Borrower Consent Requests.

  • The Consent Request process begins with the Primary Servicer
  • The Primary Servicer creates, saves and modifies the Consent Request in CRT
  • The Master Servicer and Special Servicer modify the Consent Request in CRT, as applicable
  • The Special Servicer uses the Modify function to enter data on activities of the Directing Certificate Holder (DCH)

The detailed workflow for creating, saving and modifying a Borrower Consent Request is illustrated below for a Securitized loan.

Creating and Managing a Consent Request – Retained Portfolio Loans and CME Loans not yet securitized

The CRT process for managing requests related to Portfolio and CME loans not yet securitized is similar to the Securitized loan process, except that there is no Master or Special Servicer involved. Primary Servicers are still required to upload the relevant completed forms to our Document Management System (DMS), as required by the Freddie Mac Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide.

  • The Primary Servicer and Freddie Mac enter data in CRT based on their respective roles in the transaction.
  • The Primary Servicer creates, saves and modifies the Borrower Consent Request.
  • Freddie Mac modifies the Borrower Consent Request.

The detailed workflow for creating, saving and modifying a Borrower Consent Request is illustrated below for a Retained Portfolio loan or a CME loan that is not yet securitized.

Re-opening, Closing and Amending Consent Requests

The CRT provides you with the ability to re-open, cancel or amend Consent Requests. These features can be used in cases where incorrect data is automatically populated in the fields, a Servicer enters incorrect data, or it is necessary to create an Amendment when approval terms change or are being negotiated.

As an example, Freddie Mac can change the status of a unsecuritized loan to securitized, which re-opens all the fields. This feature prevents the Primary Servicer from closing a current Borrower Consent Request and opening a new request if a unsecuritized loan is in process and becomes securitized while the request is pending. 

Reporting Capabilities
Reports and queries can be created by any CRT user. There are also features to filter and save reports. We are planning for an enhancement next year that will provide a set of pre-defined reports.

CRT Resources and Support

We updated the webinar materials used on October 24. Depending on the nature of your question, please use the following resources:

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