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December 17 Change to Accessing AllRegs Online from

December 10, 2012

On December 17, we're changing how you access AllRegs Online from This change will eliminate the security layer on our site that limits access to the AllRegs Online link, simplifying how you login to AllRegs Online from our website. You'll no longer need to use your Freddie Mac Multifamily user ID and password for access to that link. Instead, you'll only need your email address and AllRegs password to access the Freddie Mac Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide and the Targeted Affordable Housing Delegated Underwriting Guide. After you provide your email address and AllRegs password at your initial session, your browser will then store a cookie with your credentials for future access, providing you with a seamless login process for future AllRegs Online sessions.

The following information will ensure that you're prepared for this change on December 17:

  • On December 11, Seller/Servicers who've already registered for AllRegs Online access through our website will receive an email from providing your AllRegs password.
  • The email address required to log into AllRegs, is the email address you provided to AllRegs at registration the first time you accessed the Freddie Mac Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide from
  • On December 17, we'll remove the Freddie Mac secure access from the link on our Multifamily website to
  • If you are currently an active user of AllRegs Online, when you access the new link, AllRegs will recognize the cookie stored in your web browser.
  • If you have not been actively using AllRegs Online, when you first use the updated link, you will need to enter your email address and AllRegs password to gain access.
  • For inactive users, after you provide your email address and AllRegs password, a cookie will be stored in your browser that will eliminate the need to enter your credentials each time you access AllRegs Online.
  • Once you reestablish your access to our Guides, you can continue to either use the link from or go directly to to login to the site.
  • During this transition, if you need any support with updating your access, you can contact AllRegs at (800) 848-4904, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and
    6:00 p.m. CT.

Going forward, new users who need to obtain a Freddie Mac Multifamily subscription to access AllRegs Online will follow a new process to obtain access to the free subscription that Freddie Mac Multifamily provides our Seller/Servicer staff:

  • Freddie Mac Multifamily System Administrators will have a subscription ID that will allow you to register for a subscription and obtain access AllRegs Online.
  • New users should contact their System Administrator to request that subscription ID. A current list of System Administrators is available on our Technical Resources page.
  • Once you have obtained access, you can then use the link from or go directly to to log-in.

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