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Entering Borrower Consent Requests in CRT

December 12, 2012

The processing of borrower requests for lender consent is one of our top Asset Management concerns. We want to ensure timely review and response to provide a more consistent borrower experience. The November 1 launch of the Consent Request Tracker (CRT) tool changed the way that we expect you to track and report borrower consent requests. The CRT provides all Primary, Master and Special Servicers with one shared platform to enter general transaction information, comments and date milestones for all types of Freddie Mac mortgages, before and after securitization.

CRT Compliance with November Transactions

All borrower consent requests received by Primary Servicers on or after November 1, 2012, must be entered in CRT. We checked the transactions entered in CRT for November and noticed there are many active requests for securitized loans currently not available in the system. There are also several active requests for Portfolio loans not yet recorded in CRT. It is critical for Servicers to set-up and update request statuses and dates on a real time basis.

Please review all borrower requests for lender consent that you received since November 1. If you have active borrower consent requests and you have not recorded the information in CRT, you need to enter the data immediately. This includes requests for all Portfolio and Capital Markets ExecutionSM (CME) loans, both before and after securitization, which you processed and recommended to Master Servicers since November 1, 2012.

Comments Field Requirements

Each Servicer (Primary, Master and Special) involved with a borrower consent request must enter the date milestones and status information when receiving a request and providing a decision. CRT also captures all related comments. Your comments make the information you provide clear to the next party in the approval process.

The comments field is required when the borrower consent request is opened. Comments are also required when you enter any updates. Some recorded borrower consent requests do not include a status, due to the lack of a date.

When information is insufficient, the Asset Management department has to take unnecessary extra steps to follow-up with you by email and phone. This involves more of your time and our time to track down the missing information. The absence of this information reduces our collective effectiveness in assisting the borrower with their request.

CRT User Access

Servicing personnel that deal with borrower consent packages should register as soon as possible for their own CRT account. All CRT users must take action to initiate the registration process in the following way:

  • Click the CRT icon on the Asset Management page on
  • Click the Register button to access the Account Registration screen.
  • Complete all information on the Account Registration screen.
  • Enter a User Name with at least 6 characters.
  • Enter your first and last name and work email address.
  • Select your organization from the drop-down list.
  • Select the role of "User" from the drop-down list ("Admin" is for Servicer and Freddie Mac system administrators only).

Your designated Freddie Mac System Administrator will receive an email request to approve or reject your registration request. After your designated system administrator approves your registration, you will receive a verification email with a link to activate your account

CRT Resources and Support

Depending on the nature of your question, please also use the following resources:

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