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Upcoming TAH Training for New Version of the Loan Submission Template (LST 1.5)

January 7, 2013

We’re preparing to launch a new Loan Submission Template 1.5, with several new tabs and features for use in Targeted Affordable Housing deals. Before you start to use the LST 1.5 for TAH deals, we want to first provide you with training. Our training webinar will address the extensive changes you will see with your deals when begin to use LST 1.5. As a result, we ask that you continue to use LST 1.4 until after you have completed LST 1.5 training. We’re scheduling training for the weeks of January 14 and 21, and you will receive an invitation to a webinar with date and time information through our Multifamily Training mailbox sometime this week.

Part of the changes you will see in LST 1.5 results from an effort to streamline data for our TAH Seller/Servicers and eliminate duplicate data entry. We’ve developed a single point of entry within the LST 1.5 and an Excel utility to print the data called the TAH One-Form. After you’ve been trained on how to use the new LST and the TAH One-Form, we then ask that you start using LST 1.5 immediately.

For additional questions on the new LST 1.5, please contact your TAH production representative. For technical support regarding the new LST or LST uploads call 866 MULTI-FM (866-685-8436) or email A representative from Freddie Mac’s Business Operations Support (BOS) team will follow-up with you.

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