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Register Today for Your Company's OUS v 2.1 Loan Submission Template Training Webinar

February 20, 2013

We have begun conducting individual LST 2.1 training webinars organized in specific sessions for the staff at each Program Plus Seller and plan to continue offering these webinars on a per-company basis throughout February and March. We’re taking this training approach to help support and coordinate your company’s adoption of the new LST. If you currently use Freddie Mac’s LST for submission of quote and underwriting packages and you haven’t already received an invitation through our Multifamily Training inbox, please be sure to register for your designated webinar or a scheduled make-up session on the Events page of our website. If you have already recently completed one of these LST 2.1 sessions, there is no need for you to attend an additional webinar.

During this informative webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine when to use the new LST 2.1 instead of LST 1.5 to deliver to Freddie Mac for quote; LST 2.1 will cover the majority of your Conventional deals.
  • View your deal status and run newly accessible management reports within OUS.
  • Understand the process of uploading the LST and images required as part of the Full and Preliminary Underwriting Packages to the OUS File Cabinet.
  • Locate helpful job aids, plus gain access to Freddie Mac technical support.

We expect these changes will help you to operate in a more cost-effective manner, deliver loan data to us more accurately, and enable us to work together more efficiently.

For more information on OUS and LST 2.1 training, please also see our January 22nd News Center article entitled: Upcoming Training and Introduction to new OUS Loan Submission Template (LST) 2.1

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