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Steve Lansbury Promoted to Vice President, Multifamily Underwriting

March 7, 2013

Steve Lansbury, Vice President Multifamily Underwriting

I am very pleased to announce the promotion of Steve Lansbury to Vice President, Multifamily Underwriting.

In his expanded role, in addition to his existing responsibilities, Steve will be responsible for identifying best practices and process improvements across all of the Multifamily underwriting regional offices.

Steve will assess and prioritize the adoption of best practices that have a direct and positive impact on our ability to execute business and be more profitable. His new role will directly support two key areas of focus for Multifamily — to excel in our baseline business and improve operational and organizational efficiency.

Steve and his counterpart, Rich Martinez (VP Multifamily Production & Sales), have already accomplished several improvements in the Southeast Region, including:

  • Better alignment of regional production and underwriting team members to more efficiently process higher volumes of business without compromising customer service
  • Implementation of best practices in the region, resulting in overall process efficiencies, and
  • Driving change and increased collaboration within the production and underwriting teams in the region

Steve has had a long and successful 15 year tenure with Freddie, and became the Senior Underwriting Director of the Southeast Region in 2007. Since taking on a management role, Steve has played an integral part in the success of the Southeast Region and has created process efficiencies, implemented change, and embraced our securitization model. One of the strengths of Freddie Mac Multifamily is the deep expertise and knowledge that our staff brings to the underwriting process. Steve exemplifies that level of skill and ability, strengthened over time through his advancement into positions with increasing responsibility. At each step, he has demonstrated the skills of an effective leader and people manager, and has served as a valued member of my Underwriting management team. He has shown a commitment to making innovative changes to our underwriting process. His leadership in the Southeast Region has helped to maintain our level of service throughout the high volume periods of the last several years.

Please join me in congratulating Steve on his well-deserved promotion.

Debby Jenkins
Vice President, Underwriting & Credit

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