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Debby Jenkins Promoted to SVP, Multifamily Underwriting & Credit

April 23, 2013

David Brickman, Multifamily SVP

I am extremely pleased to announce the promotion of Debby Jenkins to SVP, Multifamily Underwriting & Credit. In this new role, Debby will lead and manage all processes related to the underwriting and risk distribution of multifamily mortgages. She will hold the primary responsibility for maintaining Freddie Mac Multifamily's unparalleled standards for credit and loan quality.

Debby has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial finance industry. For the last five years, she has held positions of increased responsibility within Multifamily, starting in 2008 as the National Underwriting & Quality Control Director for Capital Markets Execution, where she was responsible for the development of the underwriting process and management of underwriting and credit approvals for CME loans. In 2010, she was promoted to vice president and national head of Multifamily Underwriting and Credit. In this position, Debby successfully led and managed underwriting and credit approvals for all Multifamily mortgage investments and has been instrumental in building one of the largest and most successful risk distribution platforms in the commercial mortgage sector.

Much of Debby's success in these roles is due to her dynamic leadership style and strong emphasis on quality and results. She has consistently held herself and everyone in her organization, and indeed the line of business, to the highest standards, particularly in terms of credit standards and customer service. In an environment where balanced approaches are sometimes difficult to achieve, Debby has excelled at both meeting customer needs – including borrowers, sellers, and investors – and ensuring that we preserve the integrity of our business.

I am honored and very pleased to recognize Debby's work and leadership through this promotion. Please join me in congratulating Debby and wishing her continued success in Multifamily.

David Brickman
Senior Vice President, Multifamily

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