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New Version of the Loan Submission Template (LST 1.6) for OUS Now Available for Program Plus and TAH Seller/Servicers

January 13, 2014

The new Loan Submission Template (LST) 1.6 is now available on as a quick link on our Originate & Underwrite page and in the OUS section of our Originate & Underwrite Resource page. Program Plus® and TAH Seller/Servicers should begin using this new version immediately in place of LST 1.5 for any new deals. For deals already in progress, you may still use LST 1.5, but only until March 13, 2014.

Several new features are incorporated into LST 1.6. For Program Plus Seller/Servicers currently using LST 1.5.  The key change that you’ll see is that we’ve added new instructions for submitting supplemental loans. The other major change for both Program Plus and TAH Seller/Servicers is the removal of the Tax ID data fields from Section D, Borrower(s) / Borrower Principal(s) / Guarantor(s), on the Input Sheet.

Specific deal types where you will now have to use LST 1.6 include:

  • All TAH deals except those with the product of Expiring 9% LIHTC when delivered to the Regions, HAP Contracts or Vouchers when delivered to the Regions, and Cash
  • Conventional Cash deals with the product of Supplemental, Structured Finance Facilities
  • Conventional Cash deals with the feature of Age Restricted Tenancy, Float to Fixed, Float to Fixed to Float, Combination A/B Structure, Blanket Mortgage, Boot Collateral, Loss Mitigation, Funded Forwards, Forward Rate Locks greater than 10 Months

New resources are now available to help you use LST 1.6. Before completing your first deal in LST 1.6, we recommend that you review a summary of all the changes in our What’s New in Conventional LST 1.6, What’s New in TAH LST 1.6 and LST Tips and Tricks job aids. We have also updated and added several new LST 1.6 job aids to the Selecting the Correct LST web page, so please refer to this before submitting any new or supplemental loans through OUS.

LST 1.5 to be Officially Retired on March 13, 2014

Beginning January 13, LST 1.5 will no longer be available for download on the Selecting the Correct LST web page, but OUS will continue to accept any deals already created on LST 1.5 until March 13, when it will be officially retired.

We want to thank you again for your continued support and patience in rolling out these important OUS changes. Once they’re fully implemented we expect these changes will help you operate in a more cost-effective manner, deliver loan data to us more accurately and enable us to work together more efficiently.

For additional questions on using the new LST 1.6, contact your regional producer. For technical support regarding the new LST or LST uploads call 1-866-MULTI-FM (1-866-685-8436) from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET Monday through Friday or email Multifamily Service Desk. A representative from Freddie Mac’s Business Operations Support (BOS) team will follow up with you.

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