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TAH Sellers Now Required to Submit LST 2.1 within OUS for all Cash Deals

April 1, 2014

As follow-up to our February 7 training message, we are now reminding all TAH Sellers that they must use and submit LST 2.1 (ver.October2013) within OUS for all cash deals effective immediately.  TAH Sellers should continue to submit TAH Bonds as they currently do using the LST 1.6.

If you were not able to attend the recent OUS training, need a refresher or want to download LST 2.1 (ver.October2013) directly from our website, please go to our Selecting the Correct Loan Submission Template  page.  Whether you require a Loan Submission Template for a quote or as part of a Preliminary or Full Underwriting Package submission, you will need to use one of the three Freddie Mac Loan Submission Templates (LSTs) on this page. This page also contains several job aids for using the various LSTs, including the new one for TAH Sellers entitled: OUS TAH Seller Training Deck for LST 2.1 (ver.October2013) PDF.

LST Questions and Support

If you have technical questions about using LST 2.1 (ver.October2013) or LST 1.6, please call 1-866-MultiFM(1-866-685-8436) from 8:00 am and 8:00 pm ET Monday through Friday. For other non-critical or administrative questions, please send an email to: Multifamily Service Desk.

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