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Document Cleanup Simplifies DMS Master Document List

June 13, 2014

We are conducting a data clean up in our Document Management System (DMS) in support of recent package delivery changes. We want you to be aware of ongoing changes and how they affect document upload.

Final Delivery Package

Most recently, we updated DMS when we created a single final delivery path for purchasing loans. Changes to the Final Delivery Package include:

If you didn’t attend one of the training sessions for the single delivery path, please download the presentation and the Purchase Department Contact List on the Purchase Resource Center.

Retiring Document Types

We are also in the process of retiring outdated document types in DMS.  So far, we have retired more than 40 document types that have not been used in the past year.

Approximately 40 additional document types will be retired on June 16. These document types mainly affect the submission of the Underwriting Package.

We will continually retire document types as we fund the final loans with Commitments or Applications generated before March 3, 2014. Remember, we streamlined the origination process with a new set of consolidated loan documents earlier this year.

Simplified Document Mapping Resources

The DMS Master Document List Mapping has been updated to align with all retirement changes as of June 16.  You will immediately notice a much shorter document list, making it easier to upload your documents correctly in DMS.

All historical documents will remain viewable in DMS, even after retirement. We created a DMS Document Type Retirement List to help you as we continue to retire document types. We encourage you to review both the DMS Master Document List Mapping and the Retirement List on a regular basis. 

You can also find additional DMS resources online to assist you with submitting your documents electronically. If you have any questions about DMS, please contact your Freddie Mac representative.

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