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Document Management System Login Instructions

August 5, 2014

Xerox has recently upgraded the Document Management System (DMS) with some new security features. A new authentication page is just one of these new features, which requires a new login procedure.

Login Instructions

The authentication page now includes a new Company Code field where you must enter freddiemac as one word. When doing this, please be sure the caps lock key is off on your keyboard since the Company Code field is case sensitive.

We did not change DMS user names during the upgrade, but you will enter them differently in the User Name field. You no longer need to include freddiemac in your User Name because of the new Company Code field.

Your Password was also not affected by the upgrade. Simply enter your current password in the Password field. 

Please use our DMS Login Instructions resource to assist you with the new authentication process.

Password Resets

The self-help password reset function is another new DMS feature. The authentication screen now includes the "I forgot my password" link. Use this link to reset your password at any time, including accidental DMS lockout with five failed login attempts.

An email containing instructions to reset your password will be sent to the email address in your profile.  Please remember to update your profile email address if it has recently changed. This will ensure prompt delivery of the reset instructions to your current email box.

If you have any DMS access questions, please contact us at

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