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New OUS Loan Submission Template (LST 2.3) Now Available

October 27, 2014

As follow-up to an email sent last week, a new version of the Loan Submission Template (LST) – version 2.3 – is now available on our Selecting the Correct LST web page for Sellers to begin downloading and using immediately.

The primary update to LST 2.3 is a new tab called "Additional Loan Attributes" that now accommodates Small Balance Loan (SBL), Direct Purchase of Tax-Exempt Loan and Value-Add Loan deals in the Origination and Underwriting System (OUS). Other enhancements to this 2.3 version upgrade of OUS include:

  • Introduction of Index Lock Functionality
  • Introduction of Floating-rate Baseline Loan Sizing

In order to help you transition to using this new template and provide you with details on the recent enhancements, we have posted two new job aids on the Selecting the Correct LST web page. They include: (1) What's New in LST 2.3 and (2) Differences between LST 1.6 and LST 2.3.  We have also updated the current LST Tips and Tricks document to reflect these changes.

LST 2.2 and its corresponding job aids are no longer available on our Selecting the Correct LST web page, but Sellers may continue to use LST 2.2 for any working or existing deals for the next 90 days.  It will be officially retired on January 27, 2015.

For more information, contact your Freddie Mac Production representative.

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