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Document Management System (DMS): New Release This Weekend

March 6, 2015

This weekend, a new release of DMS will be implemented in production.

As part of our continued efforts to enhance your experience with DMS, we will be making a number of aesthetic and functional changes to the system. The changes will include:

  • Managing Folder Notes: These screens will be replaced with a single folder notes properties screen. Viewing folder notes can now be displayed in a pop-up frame by hovering over the notes icon.
  • Viewing the Folder and Document Audit Trail: The folder and document audit trail screen will be updated to .NET and will have several additional features added. The updated folder and audit trail screen will feature a tabbed menu that places each data table in its own tab. The available tabs will include Folder Audit Trail and Document Audit Trail.
  • Accessing Coversheets: Scanning batch coversheets and scanning document coversheets will now be available by hovering over the Coversheets option on the menu bar.
  • Revising the Documents Menu: The following menu item names will change:
    • Export is now Download
    • Download is now Print
    • Merge Documents is now Merge

If you have any DMS questions, please contact your Freddie Mac Multifamily Business partner.

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