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Multifamily Launches Dedicated Service Desk

April 27, 2015

Today, Freddie Mac Multifamily is launching the Multifamily Service Desk - a new, dedicated single point of contact for you to report your Multifamily application issues and request assistance. In addition, we are providing you with an email address as a means to receive support.

Updated Multifamily Service Desk Contact Information:
Phone: 1-866-MULTIFM (1-866-685-8436)

As of today, all incoming customer calls to 1-866-MULTIFM will be directed to the Multifamily Service Desk, where a team member will log the issue and route it to the appropriate internal team for problem resolution. The Multifamily Service Desk email account will replace all the previous mailboxes; emails sent to Multifamily_Security, MF_TAPPS, MF_BOS, and Multifamily Customer Support mailboxes will be automatically re-directed to

We look forward to resolving any issues you have with Multifamily applications.

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