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Changes to our Origination and Underwriting System (OUS) and our Loan Submission Templates (LSTs)

August 20, 2015

Update: August 27, 2015

We will retain LST 1.5.3 for Seniors Housing supplemental loans.

Beginning on Sunday, August 30, you will submit Seniors Housing Loans via OUS; we also will be upgrading the LSTs from LST 2.3 to 2.4 and LST 1.6 to 1.7.

  • Seniors Housing Loans: We are moving Seniors Housing Loans from the LST 1.5.3 to the new LST 2.4, and you will now need to submit it via OUS. This will allow you to have a more streamlined and more intuitive process using LST 2.4. This is a significant change for Seniors Housing Loans, including new tabs in the LST 2.4 that are not in the LST 1.5.3. See the Differences Between Seniors LST 1.5.3 and LST 2.4.2 job aid for more information.
  • Loans using LST 2.3: We will be upgrading from LST 2.3 to LST 2.4. The LST 2.4 will now have a new front tab where you select Seniors Housing or Conventional/Manufactured Housing Communities/Small Balance Loans/Targeted Affordable Housing when you first enter the LST. See the Differences Between LST 2.3 and LST 2.4.2 job aid for more information.
  • Loans using LST 1.6: We will be upgrading from LST 1.6 to LST 1.7, but there are no changes to LST 1.7.

The last day we will accept previous LSTs is October 29.

For more information, contact your conventional, Seniors Housing, or Targeted Affordable Housing production or underwriting staff.

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