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New Version of Document Management System (DMS)

December 3, 2015

We are pleased to announce that an enhanced DMS (BlitzDocs) version will be deployed on Saturday, December 5, 2015. This release includes a number of new features requested by our customers, as well as several improvements to existing features.

Here is a quick overview of the new features.

Show Display Name on Folder View

When DMS was originally written, there were several places where the login ID (e.g., companyname\username) was displayed to the users. The Display Name will now appear on the Folder View.

Show Time Values in Document Result Sets

Users often find it difficult to distinguish between documents of the same document type added on the same day. To alleviate this difficulty, the time stamp has been added to the result sets displaying document information. This change occurs in all sections where document date information is displayed. The ‘Show document details’ button must be selected in order to see the time portion. This feature will be viewable to all users upon the release.

Hide Empty Attributes in Folder View

Users who work for companies with a large number of data fields find that the Folder Attributes section can take up too much of the screen real-estate on the Folder View page. Users now have the option to collapse the attributes that do not have any values. This feature will be viewable to all users upon the release.

How to use the new feature:

Step 1: Open a folder in BlitzDocs with empty attributes.

Step 2: Select the new toggle button location in the upper right section of the folder attributes. Users can default the attributes section in the Folder View save settings located in the upper right corner of the Folder View screen.

Move Custom Column Picker Icon

Several releases ago, the ability to hide/show columns was added to the folder result set, however, when the folder search results screen stretches far horizontally, it has been difficult for users to find this particular feature. The column picker has been relocated next to the printer icon.

Inline Document Property Editing

With this release, users will now be able to update document properties directly from the Folder View page. The user group document type security permissions will not allow a user to perform any actions he/she doesn’t have access to perform.

How to use the new feature:

  • Step 1: Select the  icon to open the inline document property editing section
  • Step 2: Users can update the document properties and click Save. If the document type was changed, the page will auto-refresh and be re-indexed to its new location.

Changing Document Type Refreshes Category

Before this release, when a BlitzDocs document type was changed via the properties page, it was not moved to the location of the new document selected. Customers have requested that the document “re-sort” based on document type change. Now, once a document type is updated, the page will auto-refresh and the document will be displayed in the proper location of the document sort order.

Add Sortable Paging to Folder Search

Before this release, the BlitzDocs folder searches only allowed sorting within the 100 records returned per page. Users have requested that the sorting be performed outside of the individual batches. With this release, the sorting will be processed against all loan folders from the result set. Users can also select the attribute and sort order in their folder search defaults.

How to set the Sorting:

  • Step 1: Go to the Folder Search page and select the Defaults button in the bottom left corner.
  • Step 2: A new window will open. The Sorting section in the bottom of the screen allows you to set the Attribute to be used for sorting. Users can also set the order in Ascending/Descending order.

    When a user clicks on an attribute displayed on the Folder search results, the page sorting will re-sort with the selected folder attribute criteria. If the same attribute is clicked as the current sort, the sort order will be updated. The attribute selected in the sorting will be displayed in bold lettering.

If you have any questions regarding this release please contact the Multifamily Service Desk at 1-866-MULTIFM (1-888-685-8436) or

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