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SBL Guide Addendum Updates

December 4, 2015

We have revised Chapter 18 ("Originating a Small Balance Loan") of the Small Balance Loan (SBL) Guide Addendum to update the standard and early rate-lock delivery option provisions and to incorporate terms previously set out in the Letter of Commitment and early rate-lock application.

We’ve also added these new sections to Chapter 18:

  • 18.28 Small Balance Loan Purchase Product Loan Documents
  • 18.29 Maryland or Florida – Originating SBL Mortgages by Assignment, Amendment and Restatement
  • 18.30 South Carolina Notice
  • 18.31 Assignment
  • 18.32 Buy Up (Premium Pricing)
  • 18.33 Operational Repairs – Repair Letter

Seller/Servicers are encouraged to read the revised version of Chapter 18 in its entirety.

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