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Upcoming Release of Loan Submission Template (LST) 2.5

January 14, 2016

On January 25, we will release LST 2.5. This new LST enhances the functionality and security of several forms, including:

  • Seasoned Loans:
    • Input sheet tab -- New section for seasoned loans
  • Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH):
    • Input sheet tab -- New section for Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH) Preservation Rehabilitation deals
    • TAH and Bonds tab -- New tab being added to LST (“TAH & Bonds”)
    • Additional Attributes tab -- New products being added: TAH Bond Credit Enhancements and TAH Direct Purchase of Bond Credit Enhancements
  • Student Housing Loans:
    • Rent Roll tab -- Student Housing Loans introduced in Rent Roll tab for all Student Rent by the Bed deals.

We will continue to accept the current LST 2.4.2 version until April 25 to allow for an adjustment period for systems and processes, ensuring a smooth transition in the adoption of LST 2.5.

To learn more about the changes and how to use the update form, please sign-up for one of our webinars:

For any question about these changes, email the Multifamily Service Desk or call
1-866-MULTIFM (1-866-685-8436).

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