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B2B Portal Launched

April 14, 2016

In our continuing efforts to make it easier to do business with Freddie Mac, I am pleased to announce that we’re moving Business to Business data transfer from theory to reality – with our recent launch of the Business to Business (B2B) Portal. Last week, KeyBank employed this new interface – successfully transferring data to our Consent Request Tracker (CRT) system, our first B2B win.

We’ve talked a lot about the B2B Portal leading up to this moment, but let me re-emphasize the importance of this functionality and what it means for our valued customers.

The portal provides Seller/Servicers the ability to transfer data into our systems through automation. This eliminates duplicative entry and increases loan velocity. And, we’re just getting started.

CRT is just one system in a list of Multifamily systems and applications that we are working to equip with this same useful capability. As the months go on, we will continue offering B2B functionality for additional Multifamily technologies.

Now that the B2B Portal was tried in practice, we are more resolved that we can get to a total B2B endstate – and get it done right.

I’d like to thank our partners for dedicating themselves to this effort. We heavily depended on your participation, feedback and unique skillsets throughout this initaitive. As a result of this teamwork and partnership, we are all reaping the benefits that the B2B Portal has to offer.

In particular, KeyBank played an important role in achieving this first milestone. Gina Sullivan, KeyBank Real Estate Capital Loan Servicing, shared her thoughts, stating, "KeyBank appreciates the opportunity to advance technology by integrating KeyBank systems into the B2B Portal. The partnership and collaboration between Freddie Mac and KeyBank software developers was the recipe for success in minimizing data duplication and increasing process efficiencies." Gina added, “We look forward to the continued partnership with Freddie Mac in expanding the B2B capabilities.”

For those who are interested in learning more or gaining access to the B2B Portal, please contact Christine Halberstadt at, (703) 714-2794 or Tim Snyder at, (703) 714-2550.

Mike Lipson

Senior Vice President, Asset Management & Operations

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