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New Guide Bulletin Published

April 29, 2016

With the April 29 Bulletin for the Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide), we are:

  • Introducing an option for an expedited review by Freddie Mac of construction documentation for a TAH Forward Commitment if the construction lender meets certain requirements
  • Referring to the TAH Seller/Servicer’s technical lead for Forward Commitments as the Chief Architect/Engineer, and specifying responsibilities for the Chief Architect/Engineer
  • For all Mortgages, adding “affiliate” to the requirements previously applicable if the Seller/Servicer or any employee, director or officer of the Seller/Servicer owns or intends to become the owner of a direct or indirect interest in the Property or the Borrower, or owns or expects to own a direct or indirect interest in the proposed transferee with respect to a Transfer of Ownership
  • For non-SBL Mortgages, requiring the Servicer to provide an Early Indication Letter to each of the existing Borrower and the proposed new Borrower sponsor concerning a requested Transfer of Ownership
  • For all Mortgages, updating the process for submitting related documents and notices to Freddie Mac, and streamlining the documentation required to be submitted in connection with a requested Transfer of Ownership
  • Revising our requirements for the types of easements a Servicer is permitted to approve for all Mortgages
  • Revising the timing for submission of documentation for extension requests and incomplete and partially completed repairs for all Mortgages
  • Clarifying quarterly reporting requirements for Value-Add Mortgages
  • Adding the EPA Energy Star Score to the underwriting checklists for non-SBL Mortgages, in support of the Green Rebate Offering
  • Revising the underwriting requirements for Section 8 income and expense for TAH Mortgages
  • Updating our survey requirements to reflect the fact that we are only requiring the delivery of surveys in electronic format
  • Updating our requirements for UCC searches
  • Making minor editorial changes to our Glossary definitions and Forms 1115 and 1116.

 We are revising multiple Chapters of both the Guide and the Small Balance Loan (SBL) Addendum in support of these changes.

 All revisions announced by this Bulletin are effective immediately.

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