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Our Tax-Exempt Loan Just Got More Flexible

June 27, 2016

Need more cash flow to rehab an affordable property? Then check out our new Flexible Tax-Exempt Loan (Float-to-Fixed) from our targeted affordable housing team.  

We call it Flex TEL because it’s made our Tax-Exempt Loan a whole lot more flexible—to meet the needs of your borrowers.

A floating rate loan—for up to three years before converting to fixed—provides lower debt service payments and the flexibility a borrower needs to meet unforeseen expenses that often crop up when you renovate.  We increase a borrower’s cash flow, without changing the size of the loan.

Get what you’re looking for with our full suite of Tax-Exempt Loan products, including Flex TEL!

We’re preserving affordable housing and growing with our Tax-Exempt Loan products: 141 loans to date, $2.1 billion and counting, in 25 states.

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