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Updates to Our Purchase and Deliver Webpage and Final Delivery Package Table of Contents (TOCs)

June 27, 2017

Beginning today, we’ve updated our Purchase and Deliver webpage to take down Final Delivery Instructions and form TOCs used for loans with commitments issued before August 31, 2016.  

We’ve also made an important change to the Seller and Counsel contact sections of each of the following final package delivery TOCs:

  • Small Balance Loan (SBL)
  • Immediate Cash Loan and TAH Unfunded Forward (Cash) at Conversion

Specifically, we’ve added a field to the TOCs where the delivering party may add a Counsel’s email, ensuring Counsel receives pre-funding letters. Please note, however, that it’s still the Seller’s responsibility to address all pre-funding issues.

We also recommend that Counsel provide a dedicated email address to guarantee that his or her colleagues can access the pre-funding letter in case the initial Counsel is absent.

Additional edits to the SBL TOC include removal of UCC Search, O&M Certification and Moisture Management Plan Certification. These items are not required for SBL; therefore, we have removed them from the SBL TOC.

You can find the updated TOCs on the Purchase and Deliver webpage under the “Final Delivery Instructions, Delivery Package Tables of Content, and MF Transmittal Form” tab. Use of the updated TOCs is effective for all final deliveries received on or after July 15; however, they are available for immediate use.

For questions about these changes, please contact your Freddie Mac Multifamily representative.