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Delivery Dates to Close and Fund Your Loans in 2017

October 23, 2017

We are now in the final quarter of the year. Please note the following dates for closing and/or funding your loans:

Conventional, Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH), Seniors Housing and Structured Loans

The dates below refer to our standard loans. If your loan is not standard, please call your Freddie Mac representative to discuss.

For Sellers interested in year-end funding:

  • Monday, November 13 – last day for Freddie Mac to receive your full underwriting package
  • Monday, December 4 – last day that Freddie Mac anticipates issuing commitments that will ensure a funding in 2017 according to the December 15, 2017 delivery requirements
  • Friday, December 15 – last day that Freddie Mac can accept deliveries

For Sellers interested in closing by year-end:

  • Friday, December 1 – last day for Freddie Mac to receive your full underwriting package for a year-end closing
  • Friday, December 22 – last day that Freddie Mac can issue a commitment for a year-end closing

Small Balance Loans

For loans to be purchased by Freddie Mac and closed in 2017, the full underwriting package, i.e., passing the underwriting checklist score and clean package, must be submitted by:

  • Wednesday, November 15 -- for funding
  • Friday, December 1 --  for Borrower closing/Seller funding only, assuming the final delivery package is delivered to Freddie Mac 15 days after rate-lock

For more information, please contact your Freddie Mac Multifamily representative.