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Market Commentary

Here you will find thought-provoking insights from our leadership, recent news coverage and links to pages that contain our original multifamily industry research and investor data.

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  • Q&A: David Brickman, Executive Vice President and Head of Multifamily at Freddie Mac
    Mortgage Observer, March 26,2014
    EVP David Brickman tells Mortgage Observer about the strength of the multifamily market, investors' huge appetite for K-Deals and just how far things have come since the dark days of 2009.
  • GSE Rush to Lend to Aging Properties
    Affordable Housing Finance, Jan./Feb. 2014, page 26
    The GSEs see increasing opportunities in lending to preserve old affordable housing properties in the next five years.
  • The Demographic Shift from Single-Family to Multifamily Housing
    Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 2014
    Projecting very strong growth in multifamily construction for the balance of this decade.
  • America's Rental Housing: Evolving Markets and Needs
    Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard, December 9, 2013
    This new report on America's rental housing finds that problems for renters have skyrocketed over the past decade both in number and the share of renters facing them. The inability of so many to find housing they can afford dramatically impacts the health and well-being of U.S. renters, as lower-income households cut back on food, healthcare, and savings, just to keep up.
  • Multifamily Executive
    November 2013
    Forward Thinker; David Brickman continues to lead Freddie Mac's multifamily group toward success—with or without government regulation. (page 22)

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  • Rental Affordability and Targeted Affordable Housing
    June 2014
    Finding an affordable apartment is a challenge for a growing number of renters. Our Targeted Affordable Housing business delivers mission-critical support for subsidized lower-income housing.
  • Our Market Contributions
    April 2014
    The rental housing market relies on Freddie Mac Multifamily to provide support nationwide. See how we've been doing.
  • K-Deal Securitization Program
    March 2014
    How do K-Deals reflect the future of housing finance today? By transferring risk and attracting private capital.
  • Multifamily Market Impact Analysis
    December 2013
    How would the multifamily rental housing market be affected by the removal of government guarantees? Read highlights of the research paper prepared by Freddie Mac and several independent experts.
  • Multifamily Business Primer
    October 2013
    Want to know more about our Multifamily business and contributions to U.S. rental housing? Here's a closer look.
  • 5 Things to Know About Multifamily
    September 2013
    If you're not familiar with Freddie Mac Multifamily, here's a quick primer.

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