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Asset Management Resources

Asset Management References

Resource NameLast Modified
Asset Management & Operations Contact List3/19/2014
Asset Management Surveillance Briefing 7/17/2013
Market Ratings Report - Below Average Economic Strength and Resiliency10/29/2013
Moisture Management Plan Handbook 2/20/2012
Post Closing Transaction Servicers Tutorial 2/8/2012

Borrower Repair Certification

Resource NameLast Modified
Borrower Certification of Completion 6/26/2013
Borrower Certification of Partial Completion 6/26/2013


Resource NameLast Modified
CRT Desk Reference - DCH and OTA Users 6/13/2013
CRT Reports Tutorial 11/21/2013
CRT Tutorial 6/13/2013

Document Management System

Resource NameLast Modified
DMS - Using the Batch Upload Feature 5/7/2013
DMS Master Document List Mapping - March 2014 3/3/2014
DMS Post-Closing Transaction Type Guide 2/12/2012
DMS Seller/Servicers Counterparties Master Document List Mapping 2/16/2012
DMS Training Webinar 3/5/2014
DMS User Manual 11/1/2011


Resource NameLast Modified
Insurance Compliance Tool (ICT) Enhancement Tutorial 1/30/2014
Insurance Compliance Tool (ICT) Tutorial 7/19/2013
Insurance Self-Study Tutorial 7/1/2011

PRS Resources

Resource NameLast Modified
Assessments Completion Best Practices 2/15/2013
Asset Management Reporting Calendar - 2014 12/10/2013
PRS AIE Template Tutorial 3/2/2012
PRS AIF Data Validation Chart 1/28/2014
PRS Annual Income & Expense (AIE) Bulk Template Desk Reference 2/15/2013
PRS Annual Income & Expense (AIE) Desk Reference 2/15/2013
PRS Annual Inspection Form (AIF) Desk Reference 1/17/2014
PRS Annual Inspection Form (AIF) Enhancements Tutorial 2/6/2014
PRS Enhancements Tutorial 2/15/2013
PRS Frequently Asked Questions 1/22/2013
PRS Income & Expense Line Item Guide 3/2/2011
PRS Loan Management Form (LMF) Desk Reference 1/17/2014
PRS Loan Management Form Bulk Template Desk Reference 10/26/2012
PRS Quarterly Income & Expense (QIE) Tutorial 7/12/2012
PRS Quarterly Income and Expense (QIE) Bulk Template Desk Reference 10/1/2012
PRS Quarterly Income and Expense (QIE) Desk Reference 9/18/2012
PRS Quick Start Manual 1/28/2014
PRS Template Change Desk Reference 11/8/2012
PRS Tutorial 4/2/2012
PRS Upload Best Practices 4/10/2013

Seller Servicer Reference Forms

Resource NameLast Modified
Cap Escrow Adjustment Worksheet2/12/2012
Supplemental Bond AIE Assessments 2/12/2012
Transaction Turnaround Time Targets2/1/2012

Servicer Special Request Forms

Resource NameLast Modified
Cap Escrow Adjustment Request for Approval Form2/12/2010
Collateral Release Form2/1/2010
Counterparty Approval Form2/1/2010
Easement Form2/1/2010
General Special Servicing Request Form2/1/2010
Market Ratings Report - Below Average Economic Strength and Resiliency10/29/2013
Property Management Change Form11/22/2013
Property Partial Release Form2/1/2010
Repair Agreement Extension/ Modification Form2/1/2010
Servicer's Proforma11/22/2013
Transfer of Ownership/Assumption Form3/4/2014

Underwriting Materials

Resource NameLast Modified
Approved Counterparties List3/3/2014
Real Estate Appraisals Best Practices 2/16/2012

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