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Technical Resources

Support resources are available for users and administrators of Freddie Mac’s applications, systems, and tools on this page. If you need technical assistance, we encourage you to call our customer support line at 1-866-MultiFM (1-866-685-8436). Our staff is available to provide fast resolution to your issues between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

After hours, send your questions to Multifamily Customer Support.

Resources for Users

Contact your system administrator to obtain usernames and passwords to use our selling and servicing applications, systems, and tools. Once you have your credentials, use our guides, recorded presentations, manuals, and other materials located in our functional Resource Center to help you get started. General materials can be found in the list below.

User Technical Documentation

Resource NameLast Modified
DMS - Getting Started At-A-Glance7/172012
DMS - Managing Your Access At-A-Glance 5/13/2013
Getting Started with Freddie Mac's Multifamily Applications, Systems and Tools - At-A-Glance 5/22/2013
Password Resets At-A-Glance 5/22/2013
System Administrators3/28/2014


Resources for System Administrators

As a Freddie Mac system administrator, your role is to grant and terminate users’ access to various systems, as well as to assign and manage rights. Use the application and materials below to help you with your management tasks.


Use this tool to register users for the following applications, systems, and tools:

  • secure content
  • General Loan Information (GLI)
  • MultiSuite for Investor Reporting
  • Origination and Underwriting System (OUS)
  • Property Reporting System (PRS)

System Administrators Technical Documentation

Resource NameLast Modified
Administering Freddie Mac Applications - At-A-Glance 12/13/2012
CRT System Administrator Tutorial 10/30/2012
CRT System Administrator User Request Approval At-A-Glance 11/2/2012
DMS New User Request/Deactivation Form4/13/2012
Download Citrix Plug-In 2/12/2012
ICT User Access Request 3/27/2012
Installation Guide for General Loan Information (GLI) and Investor Reporting 12/17/2012
OUS v.2.1. System Administrator Guide for Seller/Servicers2/6/2013
PRS Quick Start Manual 4/2/2012
System Administrator Tutorial 12/13/2012

In addition to your access management role, system administrators must also complete and submit Form 1148, System Administrator User Verification and Certification Form, by January 31 and July 31 of each calendar year to certify to Freddie Mac that each user granted access to a software application is a current employee of the Seller/Servicer, and that all user contact information is correct.

Note: in addition, an authorized officer must complete and submit Form 1149, System Administrator Verification and Certification Form, by January 31 and July 31 of each calendar year to certify to Freddie Mac that each of the current system administrators is a current employee of the Seller/Servicer with appropriate application access and authority. Refer to the forms for specific instructions.

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