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We provide a reliable source of liquidity for rental housing
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Seller/Servicer Resources

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Originate & Underwrite

Complete loan origination with us, at the quote and underwriting stages.

Purchase and Deliver

Complete final delivery and sell us the loan.

Investor Reporting

Report loan and bond data to us in the accounting, payoff, and wire request processes.

Asset Management

Monitor and report on loans to effectively manage asset performance.

Legal Document Resources

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Legal Documents

Obtain and execute our loan documents for the use of Seller/Servicers, counsel and borrowers.

Guide Resources

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Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide

Access our Guide forms used in Selling and Servicing processes, along with our Guide Bulletin archive.

Multifamily TipCast

Tipcast Monty Childs

Monty Childs, Targeted Affordable Housing Production Director, explains how preservation financing works to keep rents affordable for lower-income families. Watch Video

Multifamily Legal FYI

Legal FYI helps simplify the legalese in subjects ranging from recycled borrowers, Reverse 1031 Exchanges and to other topics you encounter throughout the quote and underwriting process. Read the latest issue today created by our Legal department.

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