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Seller/Servicer Guide

Freddie Mac's Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) forms are available to you electronically in fillable format both from this web page and our Guide.

Please note that the use of Guide forms by Freddie Mac-approved Sellers and Servicers is subject to the terms and conditions of the Purchase Documents, as that term is defined in the Guide.

Terms of Use and Printing Instructions

Mortgage Fraud and Fraud Reporting

Terms of Use and Printing Instructions

The electronic versions of our Guide forms are available here in Adobe Acrobat Reader format and cannot be altered. A free Acrobat Reader "plug-in" is required to view and/or print the forms. If a form does not appear after clicking a link on the Multifamily Guide Forms page, then you need to download Acrobat Reader. Please note that you'll be downloading Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website to the hard drive of your desktop PC.

Get Acrobat Reader

Printing Instructions

To print a form, click on the form you need. The form will be displayed in a pop-up window via Acrobat Reader. At the top of the Acrobat Reader window, click on the printer icon (not the "Print" button on your browser's task bar). A "Print" dialog box will appear where you can set print options, if necessary.


Applications and AllRegs

Multifamily Guide for Seller/Servicers

The Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide defines all of our business requirements for Seller/Servicers and is electronically published on AllRegs®.

Guide Forms

Form NumberForm NameLast Modified
16M [1] Multifamily Annual Certification Report  
17M Multifamily Annual Certification Report – Structured Transaction & Tax-Exempt Bond Seller/Servicers 02/2011
71A Appraisal Report Residential Income Property 04/2004
104 Statement of Loan and Real Estate Owned (REO) Expenses and Income 08/2005
439 Statement of Limiting Conditions and Appraiser's Certification 02/2004
483M Wire Transfer Authorization 08/2014
939M Multifamily Negotiated Transactions Program Security Settlement Information and Delivery Authorization 01/2004
981M Transfer of Servicing Agreement 12/2014
987M Wire Transfer Authorization – Cash Warehouse Delivery 02/2015
988M Multifamily Certificate of Authorized Representative 07/2008
989M Multifamily Certificate of Corporate Secretary 07/2008
990M Certificate of Limited Liability Company Secretary/Authorized Representative 11/2012
996M Warehouse Lender Release of Security Interest 02/2015
1056 Reserves Held in Custodial Accounts 11/2014
1057A Letter Agreement for Securities Custodial Account for Tax-exempt Bond Transactions 10/2012
1057 Letter of Agreement for Servicer's Principal and Interest of P&I Disbursement Clearing Custodial Account 10/2007
1058 Letter Agreement for Servicer's Reserve Custodial Account 09/2013
1059 Letter of Agreement for Principal and Interest, or P&I Disbursement Clearing Custodial Account 10/2007
1060 Letter Agreement for Reserve Custodial Account 09/2013
1061A Certificate of Incumbency and Authority To Draft Against Securities Custodial Accounts 10/2012
1061 Certificate of Incumbency and Authority To Draft Against Custodial Accounts 12/2003
1062 Sight Draft 12/2013
1063 Notice Letter – Alternative CE Bond Billing Procedure 07/2012
1065 Report of IRS Form 1099-A Filing 12/2013
1101 Legal Referral Form 02/2015
1103 Environmental Site Assessment 12/2014
1105 Physical Condition Assessment 12/2014
1107M Multifamily Seller/Servicer Change Notification 04/2013
1110M Multifamily Annual Certification Report – Servicer Only 02/2013
1115 Borrower and Borrower Principal Certificate 12/2014
1116 Real Estate Schedule 08/2012
1117 Borrower Certification of Physical and Environmental Property Condition 12/2014
1120 Student Housing Questionnaire 01/2015
1125 Borrower Application for Partial Release or Easement 07/2014
1126 Acknowledgement of Property Improvement Alterations 02/2015
1133 [2] Seller/Servicer Certification of Insurance Coverage 11/2011
1140 Hazard Loss Notification and Plan 03/2014
1140-DR Hazard Loss Disbursement Request 03/2014
1141 Annual Production Summary 12/2014
1143 Multifamily Principal & Interest Custodial Account Reconciliation Worksheet 12/2006
1144 Verification of Collections 01/2015
1147 Borrower Certification of No Change 01/2015
1148 System User Verification and Certification 02/2015
1149 System Administrator Verification and Certification 02/2015
1150 Wire Transfer Authorization – Non-Warehoused Mortgage 02/2015

Secured Forms secured

  1. Form 16M – To access this form you will need a valid User ID and password.

    Registration requests will be processed by Single Family on behalf of Multifamily.

  2. Form 1133 - To access this form you will need a valid User ID and password for the Insurance Compliance Tool (ICT). Contact your system administrator for access to the ICT.

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