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At the midpoint of the year, a central topic has become the timing and speed of the Fed's scaling back of its long-term Treasury bond and MBS purchases: that is, the 'Taper Talk.' This speculation has prompted the recent roller coaster in interest rates and a ride where the exit will be at a higher rate level than the entrance. While higher interest rates on mortgages will slow the housing recovery, they are unlikely to stop it in its tracks. Here's our take on the first half of the year, and our expectation for the second half.

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Recently, Freddie Mac broke up a “ring” of former industry professionals operating a “company” that falsified the income, employment, and assets of their clients to qualify them for mortgage relief they would not normally have been eligible for. Every file this company sent in had identical paystub templates and bank account statements that did not belong to their clients.

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Today, homeowners visiting looking for help with their mortgage will have a better experience in navigating and understanding available relief options thanks to the Mortgage Help Navigator – a new online tool that steers borrowers to information about options that may best meet their personal circumstances. Over the past 18 months, we greatly enhanced and expanded our foreclosure prevention policies and programs so we designed the Mortgage Help Navigator to help ensure that homeowners are learning about the right ones for their individual needs.

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June is National Homeownership Month, so it’s an appropriate time to ask: Have you ever thought about buying your own home? With mortgage rates near all-time lows, it may be the perfect time to get started.

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A little-known change in Freddie Mac’s rules could be a big help to qualifying retiring Baby Boomers and other savvy homebuyers who have limited incomes but substantial financial assets, for a low-rate conforming, conventional mortgage.

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Our Executive Perspectives feature insights from company leaders on key trends in housing finance and how Freddie Mac is supporting the nation's housing recovery.

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