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Saluting Our Armed Forces and Their Families

VP Christina Diaz-Malone This Memorial Day, in communities across the country, we honor the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces for their service and sacrifice. It's a day of remembrance, and an opportunity to recognize those who have responded to the nation's call to serve and fight for our safety and freedom.

Here at home, Freddie Mac employees are committed to our service men and women and understand that housing can be a significant issue for military families who frequently move, or for disabled veterans returning home. We work closely with our partners and the military to better serve these individuals and their families with the unique challenges they may face.

Take, for example, the way we worked together to help disabled veteran Jim Trehorn* and his family avoid foreclosure and keep their home. Trehorn had worked as a postal carrier before joining the military and suffering severe injuries in Iraq. After being discharged, he resumed work with the postal service, but his injuries prevented him from working full-time as a mail carrier, especially during the harsh Wisconsin winters.

Freddie Mac's consumer team worked with the Veterans Administration to document his time away from work and the resulting reduction in his income. In partnership with the bank managing the mortgage, Freddie Mac was able to modify Trehorn's loan and reduce his mortgage payments by $400 per month. Trehorn told Freddie Mac that he and his family are so grateful that "anyone cared enough to find a way to help… Knowing I can keep my home has given me peace of mind."

Mortgage Relief and Partnerships

Freddie Mac is stepping up its efforts to assist military families like the Trehorns in several ways:

  • We recognize that distant employment transfers – known as Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders – present military families with unique challenges in a tough housing market. To help, Freddie Mac treats PCS orders as a financial hardship that can qualify borrowers for mortgage relief, including a loan modification.
  • In partnership with the Armed Forces, lenders, and nonprofits, we are focused on educating and counseling military personnel on homebuying and home preservation solutions. As part of this effort, Freddie Mac employees bring their expertise to workshops, conferences, and town hall meetings across the country to directly assist members of the military.
  • When service members need extra assistance, our 1-800-FREDDIE specialists are available five days a week, 12 hours a day and are specially trained to respond to the housing challenges of military personnel.
  • More resources are available on a dedicated section of our website, Mortgage Relief Options for Service Members. It offers a wealth of information for service members, including a list of organizations that are dedicated to assisting families with a wide range of services.

*Name changed for privacy reasons

* Christina Diaz-Malone left her position with Freddie Mac in 2015.


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