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Posts by Donna Corley

SVP Donna Corley

SVP Donna Corley

Donna Corley is the senior vice president leading Credit Pricing, Risk Transfer & Securitization at Freddie Mac. In this role, her responsibilities encompass designing pricing strategies for single-family mortgages; ensuring prices accurately reflect the risk profile of the mortgages received; overseeing the evaluation of complex credit risk settlements and structures; and managing all matters relating to the issuance, sale, and distribution of Freddie Mac’s single- and multi-class securities. Previously, Donna worked on Freddie Mac’s retained portfolio as vice president of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), where she was responsible for making investment decisions for both Agency and non-Agency ARMs.

Real-time Change in Housing Finance

The U.S. housing finance system is never static. As the details of possible future systems are debated on Capitol Hill and the Internet, the current system continues to change while financing billions of dollars in single- and multifamily mortgages every month. Freddie Mac's approach to mortgage finance is changing in ways intended to maintain liquidity for borrowers while posing less risk to taxpayers.

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Euromoney Recognizes STACR as 'Deal of the Year' As Freddie Mac Risk Sharing Activities Accelerate

Freddie Mac's innovative credit risk sharing initiatives are not only getting traction with investors but have received significant praise from an influential and respected publication, Euromoney. Our inaugural Structured Agency Credit Risk (STACR®) debt notes recently earned Euromoney's Global Structured Deal of the Year for 2013. This is the premier award for structured capital transactions in the global capital markets.

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Freddie Mac Risk-Sharing Initiatives Support Sustainable Mortgage Finance System

In the debate about the future of housing finance, one thing most parties agree on is the need to reduce the taxpayers’ role in the market. We are leaders in developing and introducing to the market innovative ways to attract new sources of capital, and thereby transfer a portion of our residential mortgage credit risk exposure away from taxpayers and to private firms like banks, insurance companies, and mutual funds. This is not only good for taxpayers, but we think it makes good business sense and have made risk-sharing transactions a part of our business strategy.

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