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This 2-hour webinar will introduce you to the various alternatives to foreclosure that will help you to either assist borrowers in retaining homeownership or in liquidating the property.

This training is ideal for customer service representatives, collectors, loss mitigation representatives, foreclosure/bankruptcy representatives and foreclosure/bankruptcy counsel. Learn how to counsel your borrowers on the priority of the alternatives from a full reinstatement, forbearance, modification, short payoff or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

  • This session is for employees of approved Freddie Mac Servicers only
  • Course materials will be emailed prior to the start of the session

Improve your understanding about the loss mitigation process in order to pursue alternatives to foreclosure that can help reduce your costs and enable you to assist the borrower.

  • Full and partial reinstatements
  • Short-term, long-term forbearances and repayment plans
  • Loan modifications
  • Short sales and Short Payoffs
  • Deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure

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