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In this updated class, you will find that we enhanced Chapter 5701 of the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) to reflect industry practices and simplified the presentation of the condominium provisions outlined in the Guide. We will review eligibility and warranty requisites to assist you in the sale of mortgages secured by condominium units to Freddie Mac.

Updates include: revisions to condominium project review and eligibility requirements, expansion of guidelines for projects with non-incidental commercial space and excessive single investor concentration, changes to project level owner occupancy requirements for established condominiums, appraisal and underwriting considerations, and the addition of a reserve study as an acceptable alternative to the replacement reserves requirements

Join us in this 1 hour and 45-minute interactive webinar as we provide you with the latest policies made to Freddie Mac's Condominium Projects Eligibility Requirements.

  • This session is for Freddie Mac-approved Sellers ONLY, and not for the general public
  • Course materials will be e-mailed to attendees prior to the start of the session
  • Use the following resource material to gain an overview of Freddie Mac's requirements for Condominium Unit Mortgages : Condo Unit Mortgages job aid
  To understand Freddie Mac's requirements for Condominium Unit Mortgages and help ensure a smooth sale to Freddie Mac.  
  • Condominium Project Eligibility Requirements
  • Condominium Project Eligibility Requirements
  • Condominium Project Review Types
  • Appraisal and Underwriting COnsiderations

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