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Graphic Course: Web Conference TrainingGuide Bulletin 2016-23 Revised Asset Requirements Graphic

In this interactive 1-hour webinar, we will review the requirements for assets - the funds used to qualify a borrower for the mortgage transaction. These revisions streamline eligibility and documentation requirements for certain asset types. In addition, we will focus on providing additional guidance to improve our customers' understanding of Freddie Mac's requirements and guidelines.

We are enhancing your experience by including the use of charts and various examples throughout Chapter 5501. Freddie Mac considered Seller inquires and feedback, as well as broad industry and financial practices in developing these updated requirements.

  • This session is for employees of approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicers only
  • Course materials will be e-mailed to attendees prior to the start of the session
  Increase knowledge and understanding of Freddie Mac's updates made to the requirements for assets.  
  • Revised requirements to align with current industry practices
  • Streamlined eligibility and documentation requirements for certain asset types
  • Organized and consolidated related content for ease of use and readability