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Graphic Course: Web Conference TrainingLoan Closing Advisor: Introduction & Overview Graphic

Loan Closing AdvisorSM is a web-based collection and advisory tool for the Uniform Collection Dataset (UCD). Loan Closing Advisor evaluates loan closing data for alignment with the UCD, providing lenders with actionable feedback on UCD data quality and assists in resolving data defects before the loan closes. Loan Closing Advisor will help you close loans with confidence and reduce repurchase risk related to closing data.

In this webinar, we will provide a detailed overview of how the tool works. Sellers and Third Party Originators (TPO's) will learn how to evaluate loan closing data and quickly identify critical errors using feedback messages.

Note: For more information on the UCD XML file, visit the Uniform Closing Dataset webpage.

  • This session is for Freddie Mac-approved Seller/Servicers ONLY, and not for the general public.
  • Course materials will be e-mailed to attendees prior to the start of the session
  At the end of this webinar you will understand how to use Loan Closing Advisor to import your UCD files . You will understand the functionality to retrieve actionable feedback messages on UCD data quality to help you resolve closing data defects before closing.  
  • Overview of Loan Closing Advisor.
  • Evaluate a single or multiple XML or zip loan file(s).
  • View, download and export loan evaluation results using the Loan Evaluation Summary.
  • Resources.

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