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Graphic Course: Instructor-Led TrainingIntegrating LQA Into Your Business Processes Live Graphic

As part of our Greater Purchase Certainty initiative, Loan Quality Advisor (LQA) is our newest Web-based risk and eligibility assessment tool that gives you an automated way to identify credit, data, and purchase eligibility issues before you deliver loans to Freddie Mac.

Incorporating LQA into your business processes will help strengthen loan quality and help you meet our purchase requirements - key components to achieving success under the new representation and warranty framework.

If you are considering or responsible for implementing and integrating LQA into your organization's manufacturing processes, this process-driven interactive half-day training is designed for you. You will learn how to plan for and coordinate an LQA implementation that aligns with your organization's goals and examine the options for integrating LQA into your business process to help you plan and execute steps to adopt the tool.

  • This session is for Freddie Mac-approved Seller/Servicers ONLY, and not for the general public
  • We strongly encourage you to attend our Loan Quality Advisor: Introduction & Overview Webinar as it provides the fundamentals in which this training is built upon
  • Review and familiarity with your organization's operational systems (LOS, delivery systems, system of record)
  • Gain further understanding of LQA's features and functionality
  • Provide assistance in integrating LQA into your business
  • Obtain LQA Best Practices to help you with a useful action plan
  • Questions to ask when launching LQA
  • Identify and analyze LQA within your business process
  • Action Items
  • LQA Best Practices
  • Resources