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Graphic Course: Web Conference TrainingManaging the Foreclosure Process Graphic

This 2-hour webinar is the first session in a two-part series that provides an overview of how to manage Freddie Mac's loans in the foreclosure process - from making the decision to refer the mortgage to foreclosure through completion of the foreclosure sale and acquisition of clear and marketable title. Designed for staff in your organization's foreclosure/bankruptcy area, this webinar highlights their responsibilities regarding the borrower, property, mortgage and the foreclosure attorney during the foreclosure process.

The companion webinar: Effectively Managing Your Foreclosure (Default) Portfolio is recommended for servicing professionals seeking insights on tools to assist in managing your default portfolio, foreclosure reporting, timelines and compensatory fees.

  • This session is for employees of approved Freddie Mac Servicers only.
  • Course materials will be e-mailed to attendees prior to the start of the session.
  Improve your understanding of the foreclosure process to better manage the acquisition of clear and marketable title to a subject property in a cost-effective, expeditious and efficient manner.  
  • Collection Efforts Timeline
  • Foreclosure Process Requirements
  • Foreclosure Sale Bidding (Credit Bid)
  • Provisions to Expedite Default Legal Matters
  • After the Foreclosure Sale

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