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Graphic Course: Recorded Web ConferencesSelling System's Evaluate Loans Feature Graphic

This 18-minute, recorded webinar demonstration introduces you to the selling system's Evaluate Loans feature. The Evaluate Loans feature is a free loan-data evaluation functionality that provides real-time feedback on loan purchase eligibility, loan quality and data deficiencies at all points in the loan manufacturing process.

You will gain insights into:
  • The benefits of the Evaluate Loans feature
  • Things to consider before using the Evaluate Loans feature
  • How the Evaluate Loans feature works
  • Tips, resources and tools available
  • Understand the benefits of the Evaluate Loans feature and things to consider before using it
  • Identify resources to help you get ready
  • How to enter loan data into the selling system
  • The Evaluate Loans feature
  • Tips
  • Resources

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