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Graphic Course: Recorded Web ConferencesMandatory Servicing Released Contracting Graphic

This 34-minute Recorded Webinar, available 24/7, provides Secondary Marketing/Contracting staff the basics for navigating through Freddie Mac's web-based selling system to price, commit and manage your Mandatory cash contract pipeline. You'll discover how easy it is to price and sell your cash executions through the Mandatory Servicing Released path.

  • Participants must complete the 17-minute recorded webinar Introduction to the Selling System prior to participating in this webinar
  • This session is for employees of approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicers only
  • Internet-connected computer with sound
  • Refer to Course Materials during the session
  Understand how to take out a Mandatory Servicing Released contract using Freddie Mac's selling system.  
  • Overview of Mandatory contracting
  • Mandatory Servicing Released contracting process
    • Take out a contract using an existing loan
    • Take out a contract for a specific dollar amount and allocate loans separately
  • Add loans, remove and/or substitute loans in a contract
  • Contract templates
  • Monitor contract pipeline

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