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Graphic Course: Web Conference TrainingServicing Violations & Remedies Graphic

Gain a better understanding of the potential implications of non compliance under the servicing contract you hold with Freddie Mac, as updated by Bulletin 2012-20. This interactive 60-minute webinar reviews recent updates to the Guide regarding:

  • Remedies for servicing violations
  • Portfolio actions (e.g., transfers of servicing)

Discussions will focus on the range of appropriate remedies available to Freddie Mac where the Servicer may be required to: cure the violation, indemnify or make Freddie Mac whole, or repurchase applicable mortgages. Updates to compensatory fees assessed for specific servicing violations will be highlighted as well as relevant timelines. Additionally, updates to the Guide regarding termination of servicing with and without cause, and voluntary terminations are also reviewed.

This webinar is recommended for all servicing management including operations managers, responsible for Freddie Mac's servicing book.

  • This session is for employees of approved Freddie Mac Servicers only
  • Simultaneous access to the Internet (to receive the visual presentation) and a telephone (to receive audio)
  • Course materials will be emailed to attendees prior to the start of the session
  • Understand recent Single Family Seller/Servicer Guide updates regarding remedies for violations under the servicing contract
  • Mortgage record requests
  • Compensatory fees for violations of Servicer's obligations
  • Portfolio actions (e.g., disqualification or suspension of the Seller or the Servicer)
  • Tools & resources

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