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Graphic Course: Instructor-Led TrainingUnderwriting Solutions Graphic

Join us for a two-day class on both updates and revisions to policy designed to meet your needs and the needs of your Borrowers and enhancements to our technology that are designed to help you originate more loans faster and at lower cost. We're using big data and advanced analytics to create some powerful enhancements - we want to help you do better business with Freddie Mac, while together we help expand access to mortgage credit.

Throughout this two day workshop, you'll be interacting with Freddie Mac experts - with new activities, varied media, and plenty of opportunities to clarify the fine points on all of the topics. You'll begin day one with a deep dive into our origination policy updates - seeing how customer inquiries and feedback have helped shape our guidance on employment and income, acceptable sources of funds, and appraisals - and learning about the benefits these changes bring to you.

On day two we'll take a close look at the advantages you can offer your borrowers when you choose Home PossibleŽ. Then we'll take the worry out of working with your self-employed borrowers, discussing income analysis and documenting self-employed borrowers with a focus on the Sole Proprietor.

You'll be interacting with your instructors and other participants; asking questions will be just the beginning!


If your role includes responsibilities in mortgage loan origination, processing, underwriting or quality control, you will benefit from attending. Experience in the mortgage market is highly recommended.

  • Increase and strengthen your knowledge of Freddie Mac's requirements and guidelines
  • Expand your understanding of recent policy updates
  • Get a grounding in the tools offered by Freddie Mac to support you throughout the origination process.
  • Review the latest comprehensive revisions to income qualification requirements
  • Examine acceptable sources of funds, requirements, guidelines and policy changes
  • Evaluate our requirements for appraisals and reinforce our commitment to properties in all neighborhoods
  • Loan Advisor Suite - make your loan production shine with Freddie Mac's new suite of tools, from initial assessment to closing and beyond

This workshop includes case studies and interactive exercises - get involved and participate!