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Graphic Course: Instructor-Led TrainingUnderwriting with Loan Prospector Graphic

Don't miss this 1-day workshop for both the rookie and the veteran Loan Prospector user! Even if you've attended LP training before, this training will help you do more business and reach more borrowers.

Think you understand the risk components of credit, capacity, and collateral? We'll highlight how these are used as part of any lending decision, plus we'll guide you in performing a deeper analysis to determine borrowers' credit worthiness, acceptable assets, and income.

This class offers a dynamic learning experience with innovative exercises and group activities that are sure to improve your ability to assist more borrowers.


Participants should possess working knowledge of Loan Prospector functionality, and understand how your organization utilizes automated underwriting in the mortgage origination process.


Participants completing this workshop will realize increased opportunities to generate more loans using Loan Prospector.

  • Understanding how credit, capacity and collateral are used by Loan Prospector to generate a risk assessment
  • Knowing how to assess employment and income
  • Improving awareness of responsibilities such as data accuracy and documentation requirements
  • Recognizing lending risks and identifying compensating factors