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Graphic Course: Web Conference TrainingWP: Processing Third-Party Foreclosure Sales Graphic

This 90-minute webinar details the new process on how to input data for third-party foreclosure sales into Workout Prospector®. This enables you to settle more efficiently using the new automated settlement process. The implementation of this process eliminates the need to submit a third-party foreclosure sale claim package or Form 1160 to Freddie Mac for settlement. Servicers may review the applicable credit/adjustment on the Detailed Adjustment Report (DAR) the business day after settlement.

This session highlights the data input requirements on each screen in Workout Prospector for a third-party foreclosure sale continuing through the entire process to achieve a successful settlement. Processing tips and best practices are also provided.

  • Understand how to input data into Workout Prospector for third-party foreclosure sales
  • How to utilize the automated settlement functionality
  • Key concepts regarding third-party foreclosure sales
  • Workout Prospector functionality for data input for third-party foreclosure sales
  • Automated settlement functionality

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