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January 27, 2014

To Rent or Buy: Freddie Mac Helps with Both

Sharon McHale
Sharon McHale, VP Corporate Communications and Marketing*

Most people will move about 12 times in their lifetime. That might sound like a lot, but throughout their lives, individuals fluctuate between renting a house or apartment, and owning a home.  And Freddie Mac is there, providing funding and educational resources throughout their housing lifecycle.

Freddie Mac purchases mortgage loans from lenders, which creates a continuous supply of capital to make loans to individuals who want to buy or refinance a house. Freddie Mac also provides commercial financing for traditional apartments, as well as off-campus housing for college and university students, assisted living and independent living apartments for senior citizens, military housing, and apartments that receive some form of government rent assistance such as Section 8 housing.

To show you just what that means, let’s follow “Carol,” a typical young person living on her own for the first time.  Carol’s first independent living experience is renting an apartment, and that’s true for many of us today – whether we’re attending a university, serving in the military, or just living on our own.  Freddie Mac provided the financing that helped make Carol’s apartment community possible. Our involvement in the rental housing market has enabled more than six million families to live in affordable apartment housing in the last 20 years.

A few years go by, and Carol decides she’d like to buy a home of her own.  Maybe she’s thinking about starting a family, or just wants more room and a yard where her dog can play.  Freddie Mac is there again, this time to buy Carol’s mortgage from her bank. In fact, we buy one in every four mortgages originated today in the U.S. 

Later in life, Carol decides to sell her home and move into a retirement community that offers a combination of independent living, assisted living, and some skilled nursing care. Yes, Freddie Mac helped finance Carol’s new home, too.   

Freddie Mac’s website features a lot of online rent or buy and what to do if they can’t make their mortgage payment.

No matter the economy, Freddie Mac is always in the market buying, selling, and working to meet the needs of the mortgage market by making homeownership and rental housing more affordable throughout the housing lifecycle.

Freddie Mac's Mortgage Market Support since 2009

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